Artist talk with Chiara Bersani, in residency December 2021

Documentation by Sarah Bellugi Klima, at Skånes Dansteater December 2021.

Gradual Instant, documentation of residency with Kirenia Martínez Acosta, January 2021

29 January 2021 at Dansstationen, Malmö – Filmed by Gwyn Emberton


JOANNA KOTZE and JONATHAN ALLEN, in residency February 2020

Sharing at Dansstationen 11/02/20

Sharing at Danscentrum Syd 21/02/20


Claire Cunningham & Sindri Runudde, in residency 2019

Earphones or speakers are recommended. Claire Cunningham & Sindri Runudde 2019 from Danskollegiet Malmö on Vimeo.


Sharing from residency with Nadi Gogoulou – December 2018

Sharing with Nadi Gogoulou from Danskollegiet Malmö on Vimeo.

Sharings from residency with Maura Morales

To put the light on… At 8 in the morning!

Maura Morales in research.


– Workshop with Maura Morales during KID residency

Members of Danscentrum Syd joint Maura and Michio in a workshop. Investigating and exchanging movements, sounds and feelings.

What is fear for you? When do you fear?

I want to see the space you are in. Like a small room with thick material that you need to move and push.

Music © Michio Woirgardt

Photos, text and editing © Marie Sol Sandberg

Sharing from residency with Silvia Gribaudi – December 2017

Sharing from residency with Silvia Gribaudi – December 2017 from Danskollegiet Malmö on Vimeo.

Final showing of residency with Aoife McAtamney

2017.01.20 as part of PLATFORM at Dansstationen, Palladium

‘Slumber’ 2017.01.19 in Dansstationen, Palladium

Work in progress – Aoife McAtamney

Video and editing: Graham Adey

‘Lung’ 2017.01.18 in Danscentrum Studio

Work in progress – Aoife McAtamney

Video and editing: Graham Adey

Residency with Emma Murray

17 December 2016 in Dansstationens studio

The extract of discussion and movement in this video are based on the topic of Murray’s upcoming project MOTHERFUCKERS where she bases her research on the issues of being a mother and a working artist. What norms, organisation and social expectations one confront as a parent and how does this influence ones work?
During the two week long residency, Murray worked with Johanna Hilari for dramaturgy and with dancer/choreographer Petra Hrascanec for movement research.

Photo & video by Emma Ribbing

Work in progress from residency with MARTA NAVARIDAS & ALEX DEUTINGER

in January 2016

Video and editing: Christine Brorsson

Extracts of 2 solo works, in residency



Photo and video by Christine Brorsson

Seydou Boro work in progress of creation “Cri de la Chair”

(Speakers recommended)
Claire talks about her work and ideas from the residency at Skånes DansTeater. For three weeks she was a part of the International Dance Program with residency through Skånes Dankollegium.

Residency with Peter Jasko

Peter Jasko was invited for residency in January 2014. This video is from his final showing at Dansstationen, together with the composer Pierre Michaud.

Residency with Sun-a Lee

Sun-a Lee had a residency Nov-Dec 2013. This video is from rehearsals and showings of what she and performer Pierre-Yves Diacon worked on during their time in Malmö.

Residency with Kaori

Kaori Ito visited Malmö for her residency Okt-Dec 2011. The video is from her public showing of SOLOS at Danscentrum Syd.

Residency with TalDans

The turkish company TalDans was in Malmö for the international residency between        9.-30 of January 2011. This video is from the final public sharing in Dansstationens stidio at Palladium in Malmö

Residency with Busy Rocks

Busy Rocks residency in Malmö took place between November and 15 December 2010. This video shows the last sharing in the end of the residency in Dansstationens studio at Palladium.

Busy Rocks residency 15/12 2010 from Danskollegiet Malmö on Vimeo.

Residency with Michael Jahoda

January 2010

Michael Jahoda – residency 2010 from Danskollegiet Malmö on Vimeo.

Residency with Erna Omarsdottir

November-December 2009

Residency nov-dec 2009 from Danskollegiet Malmö on Vimeo.


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