Amanda Piña, Chile/Mexico/Austria. Her choreographic work addresses structures of exclusion and focuses on the political and social agency of movement, introducing non-western cultural references and perspectives into contemporary performance. In Malmö she will be working on the fifth part of a series called Climate dances.

Amanda Piña visits Malmo through KID 24 November – 12 December 2019 together with musician Christian Müller from Zürich. They will be working at Dansstationen for the first week and at Danscentrum Syd during the following two weeks.


  • Artist talk with breakfast Tuesday 3rd of December at 9am. All welcome.
  • Sharing session Thursday 5th of December 15 am-1.15 pm. Workshop for dancers and choreographers.
  • Open showing Thursday 11th of December at 6pm. Also drinks, snacks and mingle.

Where: Dancentrum Syd, Kulturhuset Mazetti, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö

Experience more of her work here!

Claire Cunningham and Sindri Runudde in residency Personal Space

The residency Personal Space is a part of Claire’s project Hermit Crips, a series of residencies with other disabled artists. Claire and Sindri will exchange choreographic practices and ideas of art informed by their lived experiences of disability.

Sharing this Friday 18 January, 6 pm at Skånes Dansteater.

More about the work of Claire Cunningham

Residency with Nadi Gogoulou


Nadi Gogoulou (GR) has arrived for the International residency in Malmö. She works in the studio at Dansstationen 19-23/11, at Danscentrum Syd 26-30/11 and at Dansstationen 10-14/12.

Workshop at Danscentrum Syd for dancers to join: 27-28/11  kl. 11-13

Breakfast talk Danscentrum Syd for everyone interested: 29/11  kl. 08.30


International residency with Maura Morales (Cuba/Germany)

We welcome Maura Morales and her partner Michio Woirgardt to Malmö for KID residency 15-31 of January


Workshop open for members of Danscentrum 17/1 11.30-13.30 at Danscentrum Syd

Artist talk and breakfast 25/1 09.30 at Danscentrum Syd, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö

Public showing and talk 31/1 15-17 at Dansstationen, Palladium, Södergatan, Malmö

Read more about their work here.

Watch Maura Morales youtube-channel here.